The Oxford House Model

 All Oxford Houses have common characteristics

  • The Houses are managed democratically

  • The House members are responsible for most household expenses

  • The house must immediately expel any member who uses alcohol or drugs

  • Each house must fulfill these guidelines in order to be a chartered member of Oxford House, Inc. (a national 501(c)3 non-profit organization). 

Each house represents a remarkably effective and low-cost method of preventing relapse and encouraging emotional growth.

The standardized system for Oxford House has evolved since the first house opened in 1975 and has grown to over 2,865 houses and counting throughout the country.

All Oxford Houses in Kansas are linked together by chapter to ensure mutual support. 


What Do Oxford Houses Offer?

Oxford House offers a supportive way of living and opportunities to learn skills in a clean and sober environment.

  • Residents receive 24-hour support from peers in recovery

  • Learn alcohol and drug-free living skills

  • Share responsibility for maintaining the house

  • Vote on all issues affecting the house

  • Elect house officers who have responsibility to guide and manage the house

  • Receive guidelines and the training to successfully manage a house

Having houses in good neighborhoods with a safe environment for recovery to flourish may be the single most important reason for the Oxford House success.

Using this cost-effective way to improve the chances of recovery from addiction may be the best way to show the community that recovery works and that recovering addicts can become model citizens.

Oxford Houses have an 80% success rate, nationally.


What Makes it Work?

The men and women who make Oxford Houses their home—make it work! 

Unlike traditional halfway houses, there are no staff. An Oxford House is a self-run and self-supported recovery house. The concept is the same that underlies 12-step programs. Addicted individuals help themselves by helping each other abstain  from alcohol and drug use one day at a time.

Residents assume and learn responsibility for their recovery. Additionally, there are no time limits. This allows an individual to focus on establishing a new set of personal values that center around sobriety. It allows the individual to practice the skills of responsible family and community living with their new Oxford House family.



  • Each individual must be willing to accept house rules.

  • Each individual must be able to pay his/her share of the house expenses, which includes holding a job and/or doing service work, such as education or community service.

  • Each individual must have the desire to work on his/her recovery.

How to Apply for Membership

Individuals apply directly to the house of their choice. If there are no vacancies, an individual may be referred to another house in the area.

  • Call the house to schedule an interview

  • Show up on time for an interview by members of the house, complete an application and submit it to the house.

  • An 80% yes vote is required for acceptance

Cost of Living in an Oxford House  

  • Equally sharing the expenses keeps the cost of Oxford House low.

  • Costs per month vary, depending on the house.

  • A non-refundable move in fee is usually required .

  • If a new member needs help covering the initial move in costs, some social service agencies may be able to assist them.

What Do Your Costs Cover?

  • Rent

  • Most utilities, including telephone

  • Cable TV

  • Basic food staples

  • House supplies, including laundry supplies